A Review by Eric Bauman

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A Review by Eric Bauman is a reading of a review supposedly left on Newgrounds by Eric Bauman, later revealed to be a fraud.

A Review by Eric Bauman
Artist Neil Cicierega
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Written by Eric Bauman (Fraud)
Appears on Non Album Track
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 2:34
Tempo N/A
Genre Spoken Word
Links: MP3


This has to end now.
A review by Eric Bauman.

Okay, I just had to make an account to tell you this.

One: There is no such thing as stealing on the internet. As Wikipedia states, “the internet is a place where people distribute information through servers publicly.” I don’t know what that means to you, but it means you can get anything and say that it’s yours as long as you don’t get money for it! People actually never bought anything that was from Newgrounds, like Numa Numa for instance. I never sold Numa Numa, and never made any Numa Numa songs, I simply took Numa Numa and put an EbaumsWorld.com watermark on it.

Two: About the DDOS. First off, if your forums had anti-leech bandwidth controllers SSL, that would never have happened in the first place and secondly, I didn’t do that. The webmaster who did that at the time has been fired.

Three: Anyone can sell advertissments, so I don’t know why you are making a big deal out of that.

Four: How can I be a slut if I’m a guy? In which your video clearly states. That shows how smart you are!

Five: I don’t know why you are saying EbaumsWorld sucks, because it looks visually better than SomethingAwful.com, and has more users than SomethingAwful.com, and THANK you for putting EbaumsWorldSucks.com. All it does is go to this sucky site, and get sucked in by all the stuff we have. Please continue doing EbaumsWorld.com. It’s really helping us rather than not helping us, and if you don’t believe, here are the stats: 2004, 23,123,145 views. 2005, 34,235,062 views.

So I really hope your EbaumsWorldSucks.com site really does well, because all it can do is make more people come to my site, because I think about it… think about it! If someone doesn’t know about EbaumsWorld and goes to Newgrounds and sees this flash and goes to EbaumsWorld.com, they have to go to the actual site to see if it sucks for themselves. Ahahaha! Well, thats how good your plan went. But hey, I give your site one thing: at least it tells the truth. Your site IS awful, so it’s something awful, just like the SomethingAwful forums. At least you can tell the truth, my friends.

Eric Bauman.