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Bodhi is an enigmatic artistic collaboration Neil Cicierega was a part of. Not much is known about Bodhi, other than the small amount of information present on the website.

A December 9, 2003 news posting on the site indicates that to be the day the site was launched. However, the Starcreations Theater website indicates that the band’s existence dated back to at least August, 2003; this is confirmed by an August 19 posting on Neil’s LiveJournal:

Anyway, what’s been happening lately… um, I’ve joined Taylor/Jackson’s band. You don’t know who he is, I suppose. But I’m the keyboardist. The band’s currently called Bodhi. A lot of their songs feature very vague chords on acoustic guitar, so I’m frustrated. But over time I’ll do my best to inject some SOUL into those white boys.[1]

The answer to a quiz question on his LiveJournal indicates that Bodhi was still in full force in April of 2004.


  • Taylor Wetherbee: Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
  • Mike Herbert: ???
  • Carl Showburg: Bass Guitar
  • Ben Tileston:
  • Tim George: Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
  • Neil Cicierega: Keyboard