Christmas Dog

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Christmas Dog
Artist Neil Cicierega
Released December 22, 2008
Written by Neil Cicierega
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 1:49
Tempo 75
Genre Christmas
Language English
Links: MP3

A song written for New Kids on the Rock: Ryan’s Christmas Wish, heard in parts 2 and 3.


There’s a hole in my heart this Christmas
It’s a Christmas that I’ll never forget
There’s this pain in my heart
Now that we are apart
And I’m never ever gonna forget
I’ve been missing a friend this Christmas
She’s a friend who’s always been there for me
Now, she’s gone far away
On this cold, Christmas day
Now I’m singing a sad Christmas song

All I want for Christmas
Is a Christmas dog for me
All I want for Christmas
Is a dog for Christmas