Ebaum’s World Sucks Sucks

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Ebaum's World Sucks Sucks
Artist Lemon Demon
Released October 11, 2006
Written by Unknown member of Ebaum's World Sucks Sucks
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 2:09
Language English
Links: MP3 Instrumental

Ebaum's World Sucks Sucks is a parody of Ebaum's World Dot Com that was written by a member of a pro-Ebaum site, Ebaum's World Sucks Sucks, to attack the site Ebaumsworldsucks.com run by Abi Rendon, Shawn Vulliez, and Neil Cicierega. When this site was discovered by Something Awful members and posted on their forums, Neil himself recorded their pro-Ebaum parody lyrics (atop the original instrumentals from Ebaum’s World Dot Com), presumably to taunt them.

The lyrics were only slightly modified for Neil’s version — a whispered “Uh, that doesn’t rhyme” after a couplet that indeed has no semblance of a rhyme, and the dismissive “Hur hur” at the end.


Once upon a time on the internet, there were some dudes. A very deeply flawed group, they tried to plan some big coup. they want to destroy eBaums, yet they did not know why.

They traveled to the boards spammed it up with pointless li’l threads, from Something Awful and 4Chan, Newgrounds and of course You’re The Man, they went and spammed their crap upon eBaumsWorld.com

But did they know that those from whom he “stole” were just full of shit? And then they had the brass to be an ass. What a crock of shit! (Oh, Jesus…)

The ‘net is quite a place. Several people work and others bitch. And some just buy male prostitutes, dressed in Captain Picard suits and some just sit and whine and think they’re original and rich.

these morons came along, the closest to a girl they had was mom And Mr. Bauman, quite amused, laughed as they ran out of booze. Well sadly that’s a lie, they were too young to even drink.

(Uh, that doesn’t rhyme.)

But if we all ignore their stupid song, then maybe they will stop and die Or maybe God will roar and end this “war.” And make the morons cry.

oh, eBaum’s World is stayin’ strong. these dorks don’t even know what’s right from wrong they just sit and assume a thing or two about what stealing is and what they do. So right now they think they have a mission, but they’re delusional rejections of shit that could’ve been a stain on their Mama’s rotting, crappy brain!

Hur hur.


  • Neil hesitates slightly before the word “coup” in the first verse, because the “p” is actually silent, so it does not actually rhyme with “group”, an oversight on the part of the lyrics’ author. Neil then intentionally misprounces it to keep the rhyme scheme.
  • He similarly hesitates slightly before the lyrics apparently rhyme “shit” with itself, in the line “What a crock of shit!”