Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls
Artist Neil Cicirega
Released July 5, 2012
Written by Neil Cicierega
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 0:38
Tempo 135
Language English

Neil's original draft for a Gravity Falls theme song. Despite creating a second, more sinister sounding track to propose to the team behind the show (that being Gravitron), neither of the songs ended up being the final theme.


Gravity Falls
is not what you'd call a sleepy town
but like any other town
all the people rest
at the moon's request
When the sun goes down

But that is when the mayhem awakens and madness crawls
out of nowhere, we go where adventure calls
While the people are sleeping behind safe walls
we're explorers of forests and haunted halls,
Empty graves and old caves and abandoned malls,
I mean there's nothing else to do here in gravity falls