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Artist: Deporitaz
Released 2002
Recorded 1998-2002
Length 34:10
Label Self-released
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: MIDI

MIDI30 is a collection of MIDIs created by Neil during the Deporitaz era.

"readme.txt" Contents


Hello AGSers, this is Neil Cicierega/Trapezoid, ok? Right.

I purged my Cakewalk files for songs I to share with y'all.
All these MIDIs are by me, and you can use them all in your
game. You can even open them in an editor and tweak stuff if
you want. Just don't try and take credit for them (if your
game uses a few of them I'd appreciate if you put my name in
the credits.)
There's 30 MIDI files altogether. Should be some for any occ-
asion, be it of humor, horror, exploration, or boredom.

The songs:

ACTION - Funky upbeat rock.
BASEMENT - Slow background music.
BORING - This could be anything. Main theme perhaps?
CHEERY - Lighthearted intellectual ditty.
CLOUDS - Pretty swirling synths and stuff.
CONNIVING - Effictiant sinister wackyness.
COOLFUNK - More funky ubeat rock.
CREATURE - Weeeird and sneaky.
CREEPY - Gothic jazz.
DANGEROUS - The most intense piece in the collection.
DESOLATE - Low, atmospheric wasteland music.
DRUNKS - Quirky, eerie, nonchalant.
HYPNO - Bright gentle softness.
INTRO - Cool goofiness. Probably good for an intro.
JAUNTY - Odd and, uh, jaunty.
LAZY - Laidback, whatever.
MANSION - Welcome to kookyville.
MAP1 - Map-type music.
MAP2 - More map.
OUTSIDE - Musical summer.
PSYCHOTIC - This is my psycho cornball masterpiece.
RANDOM - Dumbness and bongos.
RHODES - 30 second rhodes piano tune.
RITUAL - Dark tribal-sounding music.
ROOM - Music for a room or something.
SALSA - Cool little salsa song.
SILLY - Catchy idiocy.
SUPERDEADLIGHTX - Rhodes/Drums muzak.
UFO - Adventurous Sci-Fi song.
WANDERING - Simple anything music.

Please ignore these descriptions and use the songs for any
situation you like.

If you use some of these songs prominantly in a game, feel
free to email me at: