Microwave This CD

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Microwave This CD
Artist: Deporitaz
Released June 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Length 1:00:46
Label Self-released
Producer Neil Cicierega
Deporitaz chronology
Microwave This CD

Microwave This CD is the second album released as Trapezoid, later renamed Deporitaz.

For many years prior to 2010, no one, not even Neil himself, had any surviving copies or remembered what songs were on it. (Alora Lanzillotta may still have a copy but does not know where it is.) The album art and track listing were lost on Neil’s old hard drives, which he had searched but to no avail. Neil had previously posted a list of all of the possible tracks. Since the original posting, Neil put up a directory of Deporitaz downloads. The Microwave This CD folder, although organized alphabetically, was still significantly cleaner than the original list and was considered the official track listing for a long time. The cover art was usually represented by this Aaron Carter cover as an in-joke.

On April 12th, 2010, original WikiLemon user Jake (who had previously posted about owning the album) discovered the album in his closet and posted the proper track listing and album art. The real cover includes a single color (dark blue) illustration of a flower with a confused face. Above the flower, centered, is written “Trapezoid” in green followed by “Microwave This CD” in blue, in an awkwardly stretched version of the font Copperplate. The actual album art has never been scanned, however a fan mockup was made and has been used to represent the album ever since.

A mockup of the Microwave This CD album art

Track listing

  1. Murray Mix
  2. Murray Mix (Sugar Rush Mix)
  3. El Disco Malvado de Muerte
  4. Molten Lava 2000
  5. LeChuck Is Like A Big Evil Santa
  6. Seizures in the Sun
  7. The Horror!
  8. Sam 'n' Max Disco
  9. World War Something
  10. Untitled
  11. The Chips
  12. Smosho's Journey
  13. Whoop!
  14. Scope
  15. Cheezy as Cheez
  16. Gee Whiz
  17. Zombies

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Download from the Lemon Demon website (Split across the 2001 - Microwave This CD/ and Miscellaneous/ folders) )