Mouth Dreams

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Mouth Dreams
Mouth Dreams.png
Artist: Neil Cicierega
Released September 30, 2020
Recorded 2019-2020
Length 1:01:07
Label Self-released (2020)
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: Digital Download
Neil Cicierega chronology
Mouth Moods
Mouth Dreams

Mouth Dreams is the fourth installment of the mouth series, as well as the longest of the four. Unlike the other Mouth albums, it has a strong recurring emphasis on songs about sleeping and dreams.

Track listing

  1. Yahoo
  2. Mouth Dreams (Intro)
  3. Spongerock
  4. Just a Baby
  5. Superkiller
  6. Get Happy
  7. Ribs
  8. My Mouth
  9. Aerolong
  10. Sleepin'
  11. Aammoorree
  12. Where Is My Mom
  13. Fredhammer
  14. Limp Wicket
  15. Cannibals
  16. The Outsiders
  17. Johnny
  18. Closerflies
  19. Nightmovin'
  20. Whitehouse
  21. Wah
  22. Pee Wee Inc
  23. 10,000 Spoons
  24. Mouth Dreams (Extro
  25. Brithoven
  26. Ain't


  • The album art hides several secrets:
    • Two Wingding characters are hidden inside both of Neil’s pupils, which stand for “M” and “D” respectively, referencing the name of the album.
    • Ewoks can be faintly seen reflected in Neil’s glasses, referencing the track Limp Wicket which features samples from Meco's "Ewok Celebration."
    • If you remove the letters in the cover art that do not have sparkles on them, it spells out in order “NiCe MoDems”. This is likely a reference to an easteregg (likely unintentional) in the box art for Super Mario Galaxy, where doing the same spells "U R MR GAY" ("You are Mr. Gay.")
  • When inverted, the album art’s colors are very similar to the color gradient seen in the previous mouth series installment, Mouth Moods.