Mouth Silence

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Mouth Silence
Mouth Silence.jpeg
Artist: Neil Cicierega
Released July 19, 2014
Recorded 2014
Length 55:46
Label Self-released (2014)
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: Digital Download
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Mouth Silence
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Mouth Silence is the second mashup album from Neil Cicierega and the prequel to Mouth Sounds. Contrasting his previous solo endeavor, none of the tracks on this album explicitly sample or reference Smash Mouth. Nonetheless, they are still hidden within certain parts of the album. (See Trivia)

Track listing

  1. Goodbye
  2. Rollercloser
  3. Furries
  4. Friends
  5. Best
  6. Pokémon
  7. Sexual Lion King
  8. Crocodile Chop
  9. Transmission
  10. Love Psyche
  11. Orgonon Gurlz
  12. Born to Cat
  13. What Is It
  14. It’s
  15. Close to the Sun
  16. Numbers
  17. Space Monkey Mafia
  18. Wndrwll
  19. Piss


  • Each track has a single character in the comments section of the file. Sorting the tracks alphabetically results in the comments spelling out “SO MUCH 2 DO SO MUCH 2 SEE”.
  • The numbers in Transmission are ASCII code that spells out “SMASH MOUTH”.
  • Morse code in Piss reads “SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME”.
  • Clips from “All Star” are hidden throughout the album played extremely slowly, and can only be heard when the album is played at extremely high speed.