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Nemeburger Entertainment was a computer game development project briefly undertaken by Neil Cicierega circa 2000.



According to the Nemeburger website, Crashsite is “Nemeburger Entertainment’s biggest success so far. It’s a LucasArts-esque adventure game! It stars Monty, a worker aboard a spaceship. When all the other workers are suddenly and mysteriously trapped inside a vacuum, Monty must save THE WORLD!!! (echo, echo, echo…)” Two demo versions were released. It was never finished. Download demo

Deth Killr

According to the Nemeburger website, “Don’t get any wrong ideas about this game… I TRIED to make it the worst game ever. It’s a parody of the most stupid games anyone ever made in Klik ‘n’ Play or any of its sequels. You can download it right now, so… Do so.” (Download link unarchived)


According to the review linked below, “M’st’calities is a comparatively ‘straight’ affair, set in a fantasy town on a fantasy world being threatened by a dragon. So much for originality, Neil! Well, the main plot may be a bit of a cliche, but it’s all executed in the usual maaaaaad style. You play an average nondescript bloke.” Download unfinished beta

Satan Quest

Created in AGS, this is perhaps Neil’s only completed game, however short it is. In the game you control Satan, who’s been summoned up to earth by a timid man. In order to collect his soul, you must go out and grant his wish. Complications soon arise! Download


According to Neil, “The story was about a guy who accidentally winds up on island inhabited by a lost race of sadass vampires. The vampires are hatching up a scheme to resurrect Count Dracula as their leader. The whole game was gonna be silly, but really moody and mysterious. Dracula’s evil plot at the end had something to do with marketting a carbonated blood soft drink that would turn people into vampires. Or something. Anyway, I ended up getting tired of it and never really got past planning and a few eager stabs at graphics.” [1]