Shut Up Your Mouth

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Shut Up Your Mouth
Artist Deporitaz
Written by Neil Cicierega
Sung by Neil Cicierega (See Samples.)
Duration 2:35
Tempo 95
Genre Rap
Language English
Links: MP3


  • Intro ditty: Classic cartoon music, nabbed from The Sims sample bank.
  • Drums, guitar, bass, and later gong: Cool Edit Pro 2.0 demonstration song.
  • Claps: “Get Over It” by OKGO.
  • Music during “They say I’m in the river” segments and subsequent freakouts: “Highway Rule” by Polysics.
  • “Oh, shut up your mouth.” — Boris, from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.
  • “Inconcievable!” — Vizzini, from The Princess Bride.
  • “Dad! What? Dad!! What?! Dad!!! What?!?!” — Indiana Jones and his father, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • “You filthy animal.” — “Angels With Filthy Souls” gangster guy, from Home Alone.
  • Backwards bell: Chip’s Challenge SFX.
  • “No. No. No. No.” — Arnold Schwartzenegger sound board.