Wolfden Radio (Lemon Demon)

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Wolfden Radio
Artist Lemon Demon
Released 2005/2006
Written by Neil Cicierega
Sung by Neil Cicierega, with samples of Austin Wolfclaw's voice
Duration 1:05
Tempo 110
Language English
Links: MP3

Lemon Demon’s remake of the Deporitaz song about Austin Wolfclaw (whose voice is sampled throughout the song) and his radio show, The Wolf Den Radio Show. This version has a faster tempo and a fancy arrangement which includes guitar and a multi-tracked kazoo section. The lyrics are also slightly rewritten from the original.


(Ladies and gentlemen, Austin Wolfclaw)

(Here we go! Whee!)

Austin Wolfclaw, arf-arf-aroo
Turn your back and he’ll punish you
Austin Wolfclaw, arf-arf-aree
He’s gonna go on another killing spree

It’s The Wolfden Radio Show
Just tune in and say hello
What goes through his mind, I do not know
On The Wolfden Radio show

Austin Wolfclaw, arf-arf-arye
His job is tough, but he gets by
Austin Wolfclaw, arf-arf-arile
He’s a perverted voraphile

It’s The Wolfden Radio Show
His voice is not very low
If you want to hear good music, make it so
On The Wolfden Radio Show

(OOOoooooohhh, yyyeeeaaahhh!)

It’s The Wolfden Radio Show
(Wolfden Radio, Wolfden Radio, Wolfden Radio)
It’s The Wolfden Radio Show
(Wolfden Radio)
It’s The Wolfden Radio Show

(Ooh, yeah!)