Circa 2000

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Circa 2000
Artist: Deporitaz
Released 2007
Recorded 2001-2002
Length 20:50
Label Self-released
Producer Neil Cicierega
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Deporitaz chronology
Circa 2000

Circa 2000 is an album released in the name of, and consisting of previously unreleased songs from the era of, the officially-defunct Deporitaz. It was created partly to keep up Neil’s pattern of releasing an album every year, since View-Monster wouldn’t be ready until 2008. Neil says about the album, “Basically, I scoured my many hundreds of old Cakewalk files, collected some tunes that fell through the cracks, gave them titles, and put them in this collection for you. Enjoy!”

Track listing

  1. Milkshake City Here We Come
  2. Birth of a Cosmonaut
  3. A Ladybug Adventure
  4. Space Train
  5. Sometimes My Heart Goes Like This
  6. James A. Minefield
  7. Squats
  8. When Grandma Regains Consciousness She Will Thank Us
  9. Psycho RC
  10. Holy Cow
  11. Steam Powered Laserbeam