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Artist: Lemon Demon
Released August 1, 2008
Recorded 2006-2008
Length 1:00:46 (With transitions), 1:44:44 (with bonus tracks and hidden track)
Label Self-released (2008), Needlejuice Records (2020)
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: Purchase original version digitally
Purchase remastered version digitally and physically (Needlejuice Records Bandcamp)
Purchase remastered version physically (Needlejuice Records website)
Miscellaneous audio files
Bonus content from original CD
Lemon Demon chronology
Spirit Phone

View-Monster is Lemon Demon’s sixth album, released on August 1st 2008. It would be the last major album until 2016's Spirit Phone.

Track listing

  1. Kaleidoskull
  2. Untitled [view-monster]
  3. Amnesia Was Her Name
  4. Untitled [hippocampus]
  5. The Man in Stripes and Glasses
  6. Untitled [spooky sounds vol 6]
  7. Marketland
  8. Untitled [x-ray glasses]
  9. Gadzooks
  10. Untitled [prelude to a knife fight]
  11. Knife Fight
  12. Untitled [autofocus]
  13. The Only House That’s Not on Fire (Yet)
  14. Untitled [combs]
  15. The Ocean
  16. Untitled [wet hair]
  17. The Afternoon
  18. Untitled [afterafternoon]
  19. Spring Heeled Jack
  20. Untitled [alternate history]
  21. Being a Rock Star
  22. Untitled [like a balloon]
  23. Ask For Nothing
  24. Untitled [disconnect]
  25. The Satirist’s Love Song
  26. Untitled [therapy]
  27. The Machine
  28. Untitled [between the frames]
  29. Bill Watterson
  30. Untitled [sleeping]
  31. Something Glowing
  32. Untitled [finale]

Bonus tracks

  1. 320x200
  2. Ben Bernanke
  3. Drinky-Bird
  4. Everyday French
  5. Gadzooks (Original version)
  6. Hip Hop Cherry Pop
  7. Modify
  8. Nightmare Fuel
  9. Strangelet
  10. Sundial
  11. Super Hey Ya (OutKast Remix)
  12. Today’s Secret Word
  13. Treasure Map
  14. The Wiggles Hate Each Other in Real Life
  15. You Got a Toothache

Bonus tracks (Needlejuice Records rerelease)

  1. Sundial
  2. Ben Bernanke
  3. Modify
  4. Nightmare Fuel
  5. Hip Hop Cherry Pop
  6. 123456 Pokemon
  7. Toy Food
  8. The Wiggles Hate Each Other in Real Life
  9. You Got a Toothache
  10. 320x200
  11. Drinky-Bird
  12. Strangelet
  13. Today's Secret Word
  14. Gadzooks (Original)
  15. Everyday French
  16. While My Keytar Gently Weeps
  17. Treasure Map
  18. Super Hey Ya

Hidden track

  1. creepy


  • A number of Illemonati at one point petitioned the album to be named “Mumbergo”.
  • Much of the information about this album, including its title and track listing, were kept secret until its release. This was likely due to multiple songs on Dinosaurchestra being leaked prior to the album's release.
  • The version of the album on streaming services does not include transition tracks.
  • On the Lemon Demon Bandcamp page, the transition tracks are attached either to the end of the previous tracks, or occasionally the beginning of the following track.
  • On the Needlejuice Records CD of the album, Super Hey Ya is unlisted and hidden in the pre-gap of disc 2 (meaning to hear it requires rewinding before track 1). Due to size limitations on the disc, the first few seconds of the song are cut off (This is not an issue for any other format). It is also unlisted (along with creepy) on the Needlejuice Bandcamp download.
    • On the initial CD run of View-Monster done by Needlejuice in 2020, Treasure Map is followed by 30 tracks of silence, each 4 seconds in length, then a single track of the "laugh" from Untitled [spooky sounds vol 6]. The rest of the CD, tracks 49 to 98, consist of creepy, split into 4 second chunks. After negative feedback, creepy was condensed back into a single track on subsequent pressings.
  • On the 8-track release of the album, Spring Heeled Jack and Untitled [alternate history] were moved to play before The Ocean to fit the 8-track format. However, the label with the tracklist was not adjusted to reflect this.