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Artist Lemon Demon
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on View-Monster
Sung by N/A
Duration 2:29
Genre Instrumental
Language English
Links: Original Release

Needlejuice Remaster

Kaleidoskull is the first track on View-Monster. It is an instrumental track.

It is notable for being the first instrumental intro to a Lemon Demon album since Hydroelectric Viking, and for being the only instrumental track on View-Monster not to be an untitled transition track.

Neil spoke of the eponymous fake word's relation to the album's title in the Something Glowing section of the View-Monster HTML:

"I don't know what a kaleidoskull is, but I liked how it sounded enough to both mention it in this track and name the opening track after it. It must be a relative of the View-Monster, whatever that is."