Untitled (therapy)

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Untitled (therapy)
Artist Lemon Demon
Released 2008
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on View-Monster
Duration 0:24
Tempo 93
Genre Instrumental, Electronic, Spoken Word
Language English
Links: Needlejuice Remaster

Untitled (therapy) is the 26th track and the 13th transition track on View-Monster.

It is an instrumental track, combined with a sample from Who Killed 711?, a 1964 episode of Burke's Law. A quote within this sample provides context for, and was the inspiration behind, the story told in the next track, The Machine.

Neil spoke about the inspiration the quote gave him in a 2017 interview with The Verge[1]:

"I probably first saw a thread about it circa 2004 or 2005 on the Something Awful forums, it was definitely a little eerie how the quote seemed familiar to everybody yet nobody could place it. I thought there must be some special phonetic quality to it and wrote my song around it.”

The track's title is a reference the one of the lines spoken in the sample:

“My therapy… I’m still perfecting it..”


“Certainly, certainly… I always take this with me when I travel. At home I have a much bigger one.”
“What is it?”
“My therapy… I’m still perfecting it..”
“What’s it do?”
“Yeah, what’s it for?”
“Well, nothing, nothing, I mean, that’s the beauty of it. Every machine in the world does something, but not mine.”