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Clown Circus.jpg
Artist Lemon Demon
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on Clown Circus
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 7:00
Genre Rock
Language English
Links: MP3

Elsewhere is the fourteeth and final track on Clown Circus.


I'm gonna find another place to be,
I had to make a choice or two.
One or two choices based in chemistry,
I once or twice considered you.

I'm gonna leave you here.
I'm gonna leave you here.
Consider this our kiss goodbye. I...
I'm going far away;
Already packed my bags.
And you can say we didn't try. 

You think you know best, huh?
You're a [boing]ing choir boy compared to me! A choir boy!
A choir boy! A choir-choir-choir boy!
You think you know best, huh? A choir boy! 


  • The sample comes from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'End of Days'. This sample was also used uncensored in The John Kimble Rap. The sample was taken from the Pocket Arnold soundboard.