Clown Circus

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Clown Circus
Clown Circus.jpg
Artist: Lemon Demon
Released April 5, 2003
Recorded 2002-2003
Length 49:26
Label Self-released
Producer Neil Cicierega
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Lemon Demon chronology
Clown Circus
Live from the Haunted Candle Shop

Clown Circus is the first album ever released as Lemon Demon, featuring a heavily revamped sound quite different from the material released as Deporitaz, with an emphasis on vocals and more guitar. It was originally released on CD and for download via on April 5th, 2003. It became out of print when shut down in December 2003.

The album was later included in its entirety on the data track of all Hip to the Javabean CDs.

In April 2009, Neil offered this album for free download on, alongside Live from the Haunted Candle Shop, Hip to the Javabean, and Damn Skippy.

Track listing

  1. Error
  2. Lemon Demon
  3. Ten Thousand Light Years Away
  4. Don’t Be Like the Sun
  5. Bowling Alley
  6. Wrong
  7. Hazel’s Modus Operandi
  8. Idiot Control Now
  9. Pepper and Salt
  10. Holy Bison Beaks!
  11. Somnolence
  12. Fire Motif
  13. Hyakugojyuuichi 2003
  14. Elsewhere


  • The chord progression of Somnolence was interpolated on Nuclear Bubble Wrap's song Time is an Illusion.
  • This is the only Lemon Demon album to feature a guest vocalist on multiple songs.
  • This is one of the only albums to use analog synths in multiple songs, most prominently in Bowling Alley and Somnolence. The synth used was a Yamaha CS15.
  • No images of the original CD or rips of it are currently known to exist, although it is most likely that they contain the same MP3 files as the download, and not lossless FLAC files.