Live from the Haunted Candle Shop

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Live from the Haunted Candle Shop
Artist: Lemon Demon
Released July 23, 2003
Recorded 2003
Length 47:39
Label Self-released
Producer Neil Cicierega
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Live from the Haunted Candle Shop
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Live from the Haunted Candle Shop is Lemon Demon’s second album. It was released through and is no longer available, but its tracks can be found on the data track of Hip To The Javabean CDs.

In April 2009, Neil offered this album for download.

Track listing

  1. Hydroelectric Viking
  2. The Saga of You, Confused Destroyer of Planets
  3. Mr. Wolfgang
  4. Boat
  5. Destructo!
  6. Fiberglass Monkey
  7. Fly Straight or Drop the Oar and Wreck
  8. Oz Explodes
  9. Booja Jabooja
  10. Dance Like an Idiot
  11. Chu Chu Rocket
  12. Switzerland
  13. Party on the Moon
  14. Without My Tonsils
  15. Birdhouse In Your Soul
  16. Mold en Mono
  17. Movie Night