Idiot Control Now

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Idiot Control Now
Clown Circus.jpg
Artist Lemon Demon
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on Clown Circus
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 2:15
Genre Rock
Language English
Links: MP3

Idiot Control Now is the eighth track on Clown Circus. It is a cover of 'Idiot Control' from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, '303 - Pod People'.


With the pickle mind we kick the nipple beer
Steady as we go we’re flying over trout
Ghetto down the high way at the speed of light
All I want to feel now is the wind in my eyes.

Sack of monkeys in my pocket
My sister’s ready to go.
Hear the engines roar now (hear the engines roar now)

Idiot control now (idiot contro no)
Hideous control now (hear the engines ol now)
Ninny on the road now (ninny po po now)
Mini in control, wheels on fire, burnin’ rubber tires (rubber tires)
Leery chother rolls now (ee ah ohh…)
Hit it Lesley go now (hit ah go…)
Ninny inches bo now (oh now..)
Pity in a poor boy (po boy…)
Heedy inches roll, bees on pie, burnin’ rubber tires (uh..)

It stinks.