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Artist Lemon Demon
Released 2006
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on Dinosaurchestra
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 02:19
Tempo 136
Genre Rock
Language English
Links: Bandcamp
Needlejuice Remaster

Eyewishes is the twelfth track on Dinosaurchestra. An early version of this song was leaked before the album's release during Dinogate.

On streaming services, this song is combined with Bystanding into one track, Eyewishes / Bystanding.

This song is based around the idea of wishing on fallen eyelashes taken to the extreme. Neil spoke of the song's meaning in the album's text commentary:[1]

"I imagined that someone very desperate for wishes might develop a compulsion which leads to yanking out all of their eyelashes."

He later elaborated that most of the song's lyrics aren't about anything specific, "except when they are."[1]


I’m without eyelashes.
I noticed, so are you.
We used them on wishes,
And none of them came true.

Terrible, I know, but fair is fair is fair.
I’m blinking up a storm,
But nothing’s ever ever there.

I’m without a soulmate.
I noticed, so are you.
What is that, anyway?
Copycat, I hate you.

Mirror mirror on the emotional wall.
I’m dancing like a fool,
But no one seems to care at all.

I’m without any more
Things to be without, since
Everything I longed for
Followed in my footprints.

Now I guess would be the perfect time to die,
So take care of my pets and plants,
And now I’ll say good…