I’ve Got Some Falling to Do

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I’ve Got Some Falling to Do
Artist Lemon Demon
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on Hip to the Javabean , Almanac 2009
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 3:26
Tempo 155
Genre Rock
Language English
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I’ve Got Some Falling to Do is the fourteenth track on Hip to the Javabean. It was originally released as a single on Mp3.com in 2003.[1]

It is about a man accidentally falling out of a plane to his death.

A Flash animated music video by Andrew Kepple was released on Albino Blacksheep in 2005.[2]

This was the most popular Lemon Demon song prior to the release of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny[3], and the first Lemon Demon song to be played on the Dr. Demento show, after a fan referred the Doctor to the music video.[4]


 In an airplane, I was flying
  Just a flight attendant guy
  I can be clumsy, and I stumbled
  Out the door into the sky
  Now I am falling through the air
  Wind and regret flow through my hair
  All I can do right now is stare down at the ocean
  Suddenly, there’s a ring in my cell phone. I pick it up
  It's the Angel of Death, and he says 'Wazzup?'
  I say, 'What is it this time?'
  And he's like, 'Well, hello, goodbye, I'll see you in hell.'
  He can be like that sometimes, he's such a nut
  So I snicker and say, 'I'd love to, but
  Gravity's calling, I've got some falling to do.'
  I'm in a state of shock, but it's something new
  I guess it all depends on your point of view. It's true
  This is boring. Yes I'm falling
  But it's taking quite a while
  My destination is impending
  Might as well go out in style
  I put my arms out to the skies
  Whistle a tune and close my eyes
  Trying to briefly realize perpetual motion
  Suddenly, giant tentacles rise from the open sea
  And with total precision they lasso me
  It's a monstrous squid and he saved my life
  But I am too freaked out to be nice
  So I tell him the truth, that I'd rather fall
  No offense but at least it's predictable
  Gotta stop stalling, I've got some falling to do
  I'm probably gonna die, but it's something new
  I guess it all depends on your point of view. It's true

Music Video

Alternate Versions

The original Hip to the Javabean version was also included unaltered as the twelfth track of Almanac 2009.

Live Performances


  • In the Mp3.com version of this song, there is no sped up (but slowing down, like a record being turned off) guitar before the main song begins.
  • The guitar solo at the end of the song, when played backwards, sounds like the solo when played forwards. It is a sonic palindrome.
  • The video’s protagonist, Guy Falling, also appears in Andrew Kepple's music videos for Fiberglass Monkey and Bad Idea.
  • When this song is played live, it is usually one of the last songs of the set, reflecting its position on Hip to the Javabean.