Live (Only Not)

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Live (Only Not)
Artist: Lemon Demon
Released April 28, 2011
Recorded 2009-2011
Length 24:22
Label Self-released (2011)
Producer Live Band
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Lemon Demon chronology
Almanac 2009
Live (Only Not)
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Live (Only Not) is a 2011 compilation EP consisting of seven live-in-studio full band re-recordings of previous Lemon Demon tracks.

Two of these studio recordings, Fine and I've Got Some Falling to Do, were previously released on Almanac 2009.

The version of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny included on this album is similar to the Almanac 2009 version, though it is much better mixed.

Track Listing

  1. Fine
  2. Bill Watterson
  3. Stick Stickly
  4. Ode to Crayola
  5. I've Got Some Falling to Do
  6. Spring Heeled Jack
  7. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny


  • Neil Cicierega: Vocals, piano, songwriting
  • Greg Lanzillota: Drums, recording, mixing
  • Alora Lanzillotta: Bass
  • Charles "Chooch" Sergio: Guitar
  • Dave Kitsberg- Also Guitar


  • Despite existing in a studio recording, Elvis Porn was not included on this compilation.
  • The live band members holding large toy crayons on the cover art is likely referencing the fourth track, Ode to Crayola.