I Am Become Christmas

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I Am Become Christmas
Artist: Lemon Demon
Released December 21st, 2012
Recorded 2012
Length 16:28
Label Self-released (2012), Needlejuice Records (2018)
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: Bandcamp
Needlejuice Remaster Bandcamp
Needlejuice Remaster YouTube
Lemon Demon chronology
Live (Only Not)
I Am Become Christmas
Nature Tapes

The Needlejuice Records re-issue cover art, redrawn by Ming Doyle.

I Am Become Christmas is the ninth chronological Lemon Demon release and first Lemon Demon EP to be comprised of completely original songs. It is entirely themed around Christmas. Ming Doyle provided both versions of the cover art.

Originally released on Bandcamp and Neil's YouTube channel on December 21st, 2012[1][2], the EP was reissued by Needlejuice Records on 10" vinyl, cassette, and CD in 2018.[3] The CD versions of this EP include the stems on the disc as enhanced content.[4] This version was remixed by Neil and remastered by Mark Kramer.[3] In 2020, the EP was released on minidisc.[5]

In 2022, Needlejuice Records began repressing the EP on 12" vinyl, along with new CDs and cassettes. This version was newly remastered by Angel Marcloid.[6]

Track Listing

  1. Prelude to Presents
  2. Christmas Will Be Soon
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. SAD
  5. CryptoSanta

Physical Releases





Unused Preliminary Mockups

Unused mockups for the first pressing of the EP that were leaked when they were uploaded to the Needlejuice Records website too early.

Unlike the final product, these use the original 2012 cover art and feature a transparent purple cassette, in contrast to the final transparent green cassette.


  • This is the only Lemon Demon release to never have had any songs from it played live.
  • This is the earliest Lemon Demon release that has all the stems for it publicly available.