Mouth Craft

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Mouth Craft
Artist: Neil Cicierega
Released October 17th, 2020
Recorded 2019-2020
Length 24:00 (approximately)
Label Self-released (2020)
Producer Neil Cicierega
Links: YouTube upload
Neil Cicierega chronology
Mouth Dreams
Mouth Craft

Mouth Craft (or Mouthcraft) is the name given to a mashup set that Neil Cicierega "performed" at Avenue Minecraft Concert's Wild Wild Fest, which was held in Minecraft on October 17th, 2020 in support of the charity "Direct Relief". The set was comprised of tracks that were created during the production of Mouth Dreams, but had been scrapped for one reason or another. In the Avenue Discord server Neil stated that he wanted to finish a few more unreleased Mouth Dreams-era tracks and release them all together as an EP. However, as of August 2023 the tracks have yet to resurface in an official form. During a Youtube livestream on July 9th, 2023, Neil stated that he still intended to release the EP officially.

Neil disuaded the distribution of recordings of the setlist, saying that people should stick to sharing recordings with friends. However, Neil has made no comment on popular reuploads on sites such as Youtube and

Track listing

Below is a tracklist that corresponds with the upload of the set on the Mumbergo Youtube channel.

  1. Set introduction (Spoken by Intersekt)
  2. Untitled Track #1 (Notable samples: Welcome to the Black Parade, Monster Mash, Full House theme)
  3. Untitled Track #2 (Notable samples: Du Hast, Da Da Da)
  4. Untitled Track #3 (Notable samples: Help!)
  5. Untitled Track #4 (Notable samples: William Tell Overture finale, King of the Hill theme)
  6. Untitled Track #5 (Notable samples: Bawitdaba ,various kidz bop commercials, The Kids Don't Stand a Chance. Kidz Bop covers featured: Starships, Thrift Shop, Disturbia, Feel Good Inc, Steal My Sunshine, Kids in America, Crazy Frog, Photograph, Float On, Hoedown Throwdown, Let's Get It Started, Somebody That I Used To Know, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Who Let the Dogs Out, Gangnam Style, Telephone by Lady Gaga, I'm Blue, Hey Ya)
  7. Untitled Track #6 (Notable samples: I'm Blue, In Bloom)
  8. Untitled Super Hey Ya Remake
  9. Untitled Track #8 (Notable samples: Vocal Sample from Wee Sing Together)
  10. Set outro and Wild Wild Fest Sendoff (Spoken by Intersekt)


  • In the Avenue Discord server, Neil stated that the Super Hey Ya remake was almost the closing track to Mouth Dreams.