Soft Fuzzy Man

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Soft Fuzzy Man
Spirit Phone.jpg
Artist Lemon Demon
Released 2016
Written by Neil Cicierega
Appears on Spirit Phone
Sung by Neil Cicierega
Duration 2:54
Tempo 145
Genre Electropop, Synth-Pop
Language English
Links: Bandcamp
Needlejuice Bandcamp

Soft Fuzzy Man is the ninth track on Spirit Phone.

According to Neil, the song has been through numerous lyrical changes, the most notable of which being an early version of the track containing the "Don't worry, Bill Murray" rhyming couplet later used in 123456 Pokemon, indicating the instrumental to this track has existed since at least 2008. In terms of lyrical meaning, Neil has stated in the Spirit Phone Commentary[1] that:

"This song is about a cloud man, or a ghost or maybe just a metaphor for someone who thinks that being a total mystery makes him attractive[...]There's something about male unrelatability in there, but mostly its just a cloud man song. "

In 2024, as a part of the rarities dump, a demo of Soft Fuzzy Man was released. You can hear it here.


Cold and windy
Dark and stormy
Let me float your way
Please don't ignore me

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man (An ambient man) 
A trick of the light to love you tonight
You don't understand, there's nothing quite like a soft, fuzzy man

Can't you see me?
Why can't you see me?
I'm all around
All cold and dreamy

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man (A wisp of smoke man) 
To waft over you and cloud up your view
So show me your hands and wave them right through a soft, fuzzy man

Although I have no arms to hold you in
A human passion burns within me
I need to feel like I exist
So please, baby, please, baby step into the mist

Don't be nervous
No, don't be nervous
I'm not like other guys
Who have a surface

What you girls really need's a soft, fuzzy man (An atmospheric man) 
A shimmering puff of indistinct love
What's better than the vague embrace of a soft, fuzzy man?

Who seeps through your thoughts
Who makes you see spots
Who blows through the air
Who plays with your hair
I know it sounds crazy
But once you go hazy, you'll understand
I'm your soft, fuzzy man


  • "Soft Fuzzy Man" was a nickname later given to Maui, Neil and Ming's cat who was featured on the spirit phone album cover.
  • This is one of the many tracks from Lemon Demon's discography that have gained a large following years after the songs initial release due to Aimkid's fan animation of the song[2]