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This page holds the official corpus of content guidelines and policies for WikiLemon. For general editing tips, see editing help.

Subject Matter

Content included in WikiLemon should be relevant to Neil Cicierega or any of his various projects, especially (but not exclusively) his music as Deporitaz and Lemon Demon, and/or of relevance or particular interest to the Illemonati.


Song pages may link to digital copies of songs. Although in general Neil does not seem to mind having album tracks given away for free on a small scale, WikiLemon will only link to digital audio files under certain circumstances. There are certain criteria that legitimise a download link:

  • It was released for free download by Neil. This includes:
    • All songs from Lemon Demon albums Clown Circus through Damn Skippy.
    • Songs found in public directory listings on
    • Songs which cannot be found in public directory listings, but which Neil made available via a public link such as on his LiveJournal, the Lemon Demon forums, the Something Awful forums, or MySpace.
  • It was released as Trapezoid, the albums of which are no longer sold.
  • It is a recording of a live performance.

Note that leaked tracks from forthcoming albums, and tracks from current albums other than ones which Neil has intentionally made downloadable, are not permitted even if they are hosted on Evil Trail Mix or That is, songs only available via “secret” URLs found by fans may not be posted. Also, any songs that were originally released and later taken down can not be re-linked to on a different server. Any of these criteria may be overridden in the case of specific songs whose distribution is forbidden by Neil or Alora (though there is currently only two such songs).

Point of View

WikiLemon is written from a Lemon Demon-favourable point of view. Since it is a site for the benefit of the Lemon Demon community, absolute neutrality is not necessary like it is on Wikipedia. However, opinions about individual albums, songs, etc. should not be interjected amongst factual information. Expression of personal opinions is allowed and encouraged in your userspace; on the other hand, opinion-related material in informational articles should only be presented in a factual way, e.g. mentioning opinions attributed to particular people of note. For example:


  • “____ is Lemon Demon’s best album to date.”


  • “In a poll on the Lemon Demon forums, x% of users said ____ was their favourite album.”
  • “____ has been Lemon Demon’s strongest-selling album to date.”


You should only contribute to WikiLemon if you are fluent in English, and you should take note of grammar, spelling, and punctuation when editing main-namespace articles. (You are allowed to write however you wish in your userspace.)

Neither the international nor American English spellings of words are officially preferred, but keeping consistency on a page-by-page basis is preferable. The same rules apply to grammar differences, except when using a certain method will reduce clarity.

In page titles and headers consisting of proper names (such as a person’s name or an album or song title), every word should be capitalised except for conjunctions and prepositions less than five letters long, and articles. Also, the first and last words of the title must have an initial uppercase letter. In other page titles or headers, the capitalisation should be the same as it would be if you were to use the phrase in a sentence.

Disruptive edits

Disruptive edits include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Inserting factually-incorrect material with the intention to mislead people.
  • Inserting joke material not marked as such, and not clearly evident as such, in a main-namespace article.
  • Creating an article or inserting information irrelevant to Lemon Demon or Neil, and of no particular interest or relevance to the Illemonati. If you’re adding information which is indeed relevant, but where the relevance might not be immediately evident to some people, then make sure you explain the significance in context.
  • Inserting patent nonsense.
  • Vandalising pages, e.g. blanking a legitimate article.
  • Adding messages on talk pages that are made to appear to come from another user, by using that user’s signature.
  • Inserting copyrighted content, unless any of the following criteria are met:
    • It comes from a GNU FDL-licensed, FDL-compatible licensed, or public domain work, and you cite the original source.
    • You have permission from the copyright holder.
    • You believe it to be fair use as defined under US copyright law. In such cases, please give a specific explanation of why you believe the inclusion to be fair use; this should go in an article’s talk page, or in the case of an image or other uploaded media, directly on the work’s page.

Depending on the severity and the apparent intent, some disruptive edits may only bring a warning, while others, or repeated violations, can result in an editing block. If an administrator thinks you’re simply a troll, you will be blocked without warning.