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Aaron Paul Stuesse Ackerson (born August 31, 1981) is a longtime acquaintance and occasional musical collaborator of Neil Cicierega. Aaron is an irreverent, genre-stradling, academically trained musician whose work has been compared by Chicago Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis to the likes of Beck and Frank Zappa. Like Lemon Demon, Aaron Ackerson has also received airplay on the Dr. Demento show. A native of the midwestern United States, Aaron currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Collaborations and tributes

By Aaron Ackerson

By Lemon Demon


Solo releases

  • The Sexiest Man on Earth (2004)
  • Outside on the Inside (2014)
  • Love in Outer Space (2021)
  • You're the Man (2022)
  • Tales from Lincoln Square (2023)

On releases by other artists

  • Lemon Demon: Clown Circus (2003): Guest vocals and lyric-writing
  • Lemon Demon: Hip to the Javabean (2004): Enhanced content includes Aaron’s contributions to Clown Circus.
  • Lemon Demon: Dinosaurchestra (2006): Enhanced content includes a remix of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Aaron
  • Atman: India Club & Lounge - Remixing.
  • Art Paul Schlosser: ART PAUL SCHLOSSER{The Tribute !}Experiment A (Fall 2006)