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The “Grinched Font” logo.

Lemon Demon is Neil Cicierega’s second major musical project, after he moved on from Trapezoid/Deporitaz. Stylistically, Lemon Demon has differed from Deporitaz in that Lemon Demon has mostly vocal tracks, while Deporitaz had mostly (but not exclusively, in its later days) instrumentals. Also, Deporitaz tracks were primarily arranged using synthesis and sound fonts; while these are still common in Lemon Demon, it makes more use of real recorded instruments such as guitar, accordion and keytar.

Lemon Demon Live

In live performances, Lemon Demon consists of Neil Cicierega on vocals and keyboard, Alora Lanzillotta on bass guitar, Charles “Chooch” Sergio on guitar, and Greg Lanzillotta on drums. Lemon Demon’s previous drummer was Tony Wry, who moved to Detroit, in turn leaving the band around 2008; Youmacon ‘09 was Lemon Demon’s first show with Greg. Lemon Demon’s live shows range from solo performances during Lemonic Demonade to larger concerts such as Awesomefest or Youmacon. Lemon Demon occasionally performed on Neil’s sporadic internet radio show, Hooray Radio.





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