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This is a list of tracks by Neil Cicierega that have not been included on any albums, but are available on the Web or otherwise somehow known to exist. For a list of all released tracks (including previously unreleased tracks retroactively added to reissues), see the Complete Discography.

Song Category Description Links
Addie Lemon Demon A song recorded for an online friend of Neil’s MP3
Austin’s Song Lemon Demon A song composed of recordings of the voice of Austin Wolfclaw. MP3
A Review By Eric Bauman Lemon Demon A reading of a review supposedly left on Newgrounds by Eric Bauman; later revealed to be a fraud. MP3
Bad Idea (Original) Lemon Demon The original instrumentation for the song Bad Idea, which was too fast for Neil to sing. MP3
Birdfucker Lemon Demon A song about… well, just listen to it. Originally “written” by a band called Grapes And Sunshine, Neil decided to make a “cover” of the song. CW: Song goes out of its way to make you uncomfortable intentionally, if that means anything MP3
Bottom Line Lemon Demon An instrumental track originally supposed to have lyrics that never got recorded. Later added onto the reissues of Damn Skippy as a bonus track. MP3
Charles and Leah Forever Lemon Demon Performed as a surprise for Neil’s sister at her wedding. Co-written by live bassist Alora Lanzillotta. MP3
Chewing Gum is Really Gross Lemon Demon A remix of a famous line from the English, German, and French versions of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to a sampled groove from They Might Be Giants’ “Till My Head Falls Off MP3
Christmas Dog Lemon Demon MP3
Correctional Facility Food Sucks Lemon Demon A bizarre, cacophonous megamix of dozens of various sound clips. Originally titled “Cicierega’s Homme Saint De Fromage in G minor.”


Dance Like an Idiot (Aaron’s Wall of Sound Mix) Lemon Demon Remixed by Aaron Ackerson MP3
Degrassi Lemon Demon A song about the fourth season of 'Degrassi: the Next Generation. CW: Show contains some nasty stuff, relatively the song as well. MP3
Dumpster Lemon Demon MP3
Ebaum’s World Sucks Sucks Lemon Demon Neil’s recording of a Pro-Ebaum parody of Ebaum’s World Dot Com MP3 Animation SWF
Eleven o’Clockish Lemon Demon The title of a non-existent song, propagated as a hoax.
Elvis Porn Lemon Demon Formerly only available as a live recording, after being offered by a friend to use their professional studio, Elvis Porn was finally rerecorded, studio-style, with the whole band. MP3 (Studio Version) MP3 (Practice Version)
Every Time You Stifle a Sneeze Lemon Demon A bizzarre and random, yet strangely soothing, spoken-word piece. Later added onto the reissues of Dinosaurchestra as a bonus track. MP3
Fido Lemon Demon Neil’s Keytar cover of “Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long” by The Magnetic Fields. CW: Some explicit language MP3
Fly Away Lemon Demon A cover of a Bodhi song. MP3
Gravity Falls Lemon Demon Neil’s original draft for a Gravity Falls theme song. Despite creating a second, more sinister sounding track to propose to the team behind the show (that being Gravitron), neither of the songs ended up being the final theme. MP3
Happy Songs Lemon Demon Two unfinished happy songs from around 2005 MP3
Hount Lemon Demon Commonly known as “Mocks You”, a title taken from the original 2014 tumblr post with a snippet of it, only two different snippets of this song exist publicly; one being a snippet posted on Neil’s tumblr in 2014 (see above), and one being a more recent snippet in a patreon preview of songs from the album after Spirit Phone. MP3
How to Poop Lemon Demon A short instrumental MP3
Hydroelectric Viking Funeral Lemon Demon A “sad piano-and-glockenspiel version” of Hydroelectric Viking which was originally going to be the outro track of Live from the Haunted Candle Shop, yet ended up getting replaced by Movie Night. MP3
I Couldn’t Think of Any Songs to Play in the Rain Lemon Demon Neil improvising over audio from a rainstorm MP3
Indie Cindy & the Lo-Fi Lullabies (Alternate Version) Lemon Demon An older, very different version of the song which was leaked before the release of Dinosaurchestra. Neil later allowed it to be posted, and it was also later dded onto the reissues of Dinosaurchestra as a bonus track. MP3
It’s Gonna Get Weird Lemon Demon A pitched Gravity Falls song that Neil originally intended to be Bill Cipher’s theme, yet was not heard in the show. MP3
I Want to Wake Up Lemon Demon An instrumental track originally intended to have lyrics about trying to wake up from a nightmare that never got recorded.
Lollipops Lemon Demon An unreleased demo from 2005 that Neil forgot about. MP3
Magic Dance Lemon Demon An unfinished cover of a Labyrinth song of the same name MP3
My New Song Lemon Demon Emmy and Alora got on Neil’s Livejournal one day and posted this song that they made him. MP3
Neil Improvising Songs! Lemon Demon Six improvisational songs that were posted, unannounced, on limekle.com MP3s
Never Go on Reddit Lemon Demon A 9 second acapella shitpost that was posted on youtube in 2013 by Neil with the caption “this will be the entirety of the next Lemon Demon album.” MP3 Video
Panda Zero Lemon Demon A reversed version of Correctional Facility Food Sucks with a different title. MP3
Party on the Moon Lemon Demon The instrumental soundtrack to an animated edition of Neil’s webcomic, Farchie Archie
Pizazz! (Gonna Give It To Ya!) (MIDI version) A MIDI cover of a song by a group also called Pizazz!, used as background music on the group’s currently dead homepage MP3
Power Lemon Demon Neil’s Keytar cover of the theme from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. MP3
Prince Ali Lemon Demon An unfinished “Prince Ali” remix from 2008. Apparently, Neil and his friends had plans to organize a flash mob of people dressed like Aladdin, holding loaves of bread and dancing to remixed Aladdin songs, which never came to fruition. MP3
Robo Lemon Demon An instrumental demo from 2010 MP3
Scatterbrained Lemon Demon An unreleased track that was later added onto the reissues of Damn Skippy as a bonus track. MP3
Sky Blue Up An earlier version of Sky Is Not Blue with similar chords and melodies that Neil scrapped due to being unable to write lyrics or a solid structure for it.
Snakes on a Plane Lemon Demon Neil, up late at night, writing about everyone’s must-see bad movie of the year. Later added onto the reissues of Dinosaurchestra as a bonus track. MP3 Animation SWF
Sorry For The Text Posts Lemon Demon MP3
Stampy Lemon Demon The original version of Eventuality with an enitrely different style of composition that Neil scrapped and re-made for Damn Skippy. Later added onto the reissues of Damn Skippy as a bonus track. MP3
Stan Lemon Demon MP3 Video
Steve Lemon Demon A song base on samples from a profile on a long-haired-gay-male personals site. MP3
Super Mega Aaron Lemon Demon A short track consisting of many Aaron Ackerson quotes. MP3
Tequila Lemon Demon A cover of a very popular The Champs song of the same name MP3
The Oldest Man on Myspace Lemon Demon A slow, oldie-style song about senior citizens and Myspace. Later added onto the reissues of Dinosaurchestra as a bonus track. MP3
The Song You Hear When You Die Lemon Demon A silly song with high-pitched scat vocals MP3
The World Is a Pumpkin Lemon Demon A short song which was made for a song competition. MP3
Vanilla Lemon Demon A tribute song for Logan Whitehurst about his plastic snowman friend, Vanilla. MP3
What a Day Lemon Demon An instrumental track from 2004 which Neil had forgotten what he made it for MP3
While My Keytar Gently Weeps Lemon Demon A techno spoof on The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Later added to the reissues of View-Monster as a bonus track.
Wiry Song Lemon Demon A track first created back in the Trapezoid days that was continually updated and tweaked on the side. Neil has said it will never become anything complete.
Whoa Lemon Demon MP3
Wolfden Radio Lemon Demon A swinging remake of the Deporitaz song MP3
Yellowfish Lemon Demon A short instrumental written for a music contest which eventually became Behold the FUTURE MP3
Zander vs. Crunchy Lemon Demon A rap battle between Neil (Crunchy) and Taylor Wetherbee (Zander). CW: Some Explicit Language.
Zero Gravity Lemon Demon A space-y sounding instrumental.
Zip Up Rap Lemon Demon A song written by Neil in an attempt to convince Lowtax that the SomethingAwful.com hoodies should be zip-ups. MP3
Believing Neil Cicierega MP3
Donkeylips Neil Cicierega MP3
Fuck You Neil Cicierega MP3
Ghostbusters Neil Cicierega The Ghostbusters theme… with a twist
Headline News (Weiner Mix) Neil Cicierega The “Weird Al” Yankovic song, cut up in a way so that the whole song is about wieners. The “wiener” sample was also used in Correctional Facility Food Sucks MP3
The John Kimble Rap Neil Cicierega Several Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes set to Eminem’s “My Name Is.” MP3
The Song of The Count Neil Cicierega A song sung by Sesame Street’s https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Count_von_Count Count von Count], with the verb “count” bleeped out. Each bleep has “f” and “k” sounds respectively inserted on each side of it
Yeah Neil Cicierega “Yeah!” By Usher, edited with Mario sounds. MP3
A Schizophrenic Twist Deporitaz A previously unreleased Deporitaz song featuring Pee Wee Herman screams and many different singing styles.
Behind the Badge Deporitaz A cover of a song by Aaron Ackerson.
Captain Planet Deporitaz A weird cover of the Captain Planet theme song.
Censored Smurfs Deporitaz The Smurfs theme song with certain words bleeped out to make it seem dirtier. MP3
Chop My Head Off For Me Deporitaz
Day of the Sound FX Deporitaz
Faze 1 and a Half
Flahh Deporitaz The theme to Nemeburger Entertainment’s M’st’calities
Funky Island Deporitaz A remix of the Monkey Island theme.
Happy Birthday Aaron Deporitaz A song written for Aaron Ackerson’s 21st birthday. CW: Explicit language
How Many Times? Deporitaz
The Adventures Of Deporitaz An adventurous tune.
I Know Your Name (Crappy Four Track Version) Deporitaz A very low-tech four track version of everyone’s favorite Trapezoid song with a kazoo solo instead of the normal guitar. MP3
Insult to Aaron Deporitaz

A parody of the Aaron Carter song, “Oh Aaron.” Written and produced by Neil Cicierega, vocals performed by Emmy Cicierega and Alora Lanzillotta. It was used as a theme song for Aaron Ackerson’s Radio Free Spacecat. Alora has determined that it must never be heard by the public under any circumstances ||

MIDI30 Deporitaz A collection of MIDIs for AGS. ZIP
Monkey Island 2 - Techno Monkey Deporitaz A techno-style remix of the Monkey Island theme.
No, Regis, No! Deporitaz
Of Course Not Deporitaz
Shut Up Your Mouth Deporitaz A rap song featuring many samples, including one from “Highway Rule” by Polysics.
Spiders Deporitaz
The Ahnold Rap Deporitaz A rap featuring quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger, mostly from the movie “Kindergarten Cop”.
Wolfden Radio Deporitaz A song played mostly with a keyboard’s auto-accompaniment. Later remade by Lemon Demon
Yikes Deporitaz The exciting story of Guybrush Threepwood, as told by a speech synthesizer.
Avada Kedavra Potter Puppet Pals MP3
The Spell of Love Potter Puppet Pals MP3
Like Snape Potter Puppet Pals MP3
Fly Away (Bodhi Version) Bodhi MP3
Mugged (Bodhi Version) Bodhi MP3
She Let Me Go Bodhi MP3
Little Boy Blue Bodhi MP3
Follow Me (Studio Recording) Bodhi MP3
Follow Me (Live) Bodhi MP3
Battle Stations Bodhi MP3
Evergreen Bodhi MP3
Improv Bodhi MP3
One 2 Three 4 Bodhi MP3
Mugged As a Matter of Fact A song from Neil’s first musical project Video
Heh MEGO vs. SPAGO A funky rock-flavored instrumental with sampled guitar loops.
The Chryogenic Freezing Process MEGO vs. SPAGO Instrumental with sampled funk guitar licks.
Emmy’s Christmas Gift Short Film Themes A christmas present that Neil wrote and animated for Neil’s sister, Emmy Cicierega. MP3 Animation SWF
Merry Christmas Alora Short Film Themes Similar to Emmy’s Christmas Gift, but dedicated to Alora instead. The “Ho ho ho” sample was also used in WTF
Potter Puppet Pals Adventure Short Film Themes
WTF Short Film Themes A short, silly mix featured in a Flash video made by Neil; it is very animutaional, but it is apparently non-canonical, as it is not featured on Animutation Central nor has it otherwise been shown very widely. The animation contains a distorted clip at the beginning possibly from the same Speak & Spell hacking site that also provided a clip used in Switzerland. The music that is playing while Kobe Bryant is jumping contains a slowed-down clip of “I am a banana!” from Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected MP3 Animation SWF
The Boy Who Cried Wolf Score Short Film Themes MP3
The Essay Score Short Film Themes
The Certificator Short Film Themes MP3
Kitchen Scene Short Film Themes MP3
Ninja Score Short Film Themes MP3
List of short film themes Short Film Themes A list of other short film themes Neil has composed.